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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Joker // Batman // Halloween With Hannah

Products & Tools

  • Snazaroo Face Paint in White, Red, Black & Brown
  • Snazaroo Special FX Wax
  • Plastic Spatula
  • Vaseline
  • Sponges
  • Paint Brushes

Step One

Starting with the Face Wax, you want to work it whilst its in the container because it is very tough and sticky. Once you have a good amount I rolled it in between the palms of my hand into a roll shape before putting where I wanted. Whilst there I used the spatula to mold and shape it.

Step Two

It is very tricky to use but keep at it, once you have you desired effect use some Vaseline to smooth and edges into the skin. Then taking the spatula again create the smile line on both sides.

Step Three

Taking either a brush or sponge and the White Face Paint apply it all over the face, doesn't need to be neat at all.

Step Four

Start painting around the eyes using the Black Face Paint. You can use a photo for reference, In the end I decided to go up to the brows with this. I applied the paint as a water colour consistency using a thick brush before taking a sponge and pressing messily around my eyes until I had the desired look.

Step Five

Using the Red Face Paint start going over the mouth area, I again made the paint to a water like consistency and dabbed it on to not disturb the shape of the wax. I also took a little Brown Face Paint onto a very thin brush into the smile line to give it definition.

Step Six

Go ahead with a cotton bud and start to wipe away the paint where any expression lines would be (e.g the forehead) and if you'd like to add the wig go ahead!

As always you can find me on Twitter and Instagram. If you do recreate this look or any others then please use the hashtag #HalloweenWithHannah so I can see.

As always, thanks for reading...

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