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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Pantene Instant Refresh & Volume Booster Dry Shampoo // The August Review

With every product I purchase I always try to reflect the positive and negative about it from my own usage and who I would think it would work for.

Pantene Instant Refresh and Volume Booster Dry Shampoo

I purchased the along with a food shop from Asda. They were on offer at 2 for £5 which I thought was very good considering they retail at £3.99 each.
The product description says:
"Pantene Pro-V Dry Shampoo instantly absorbs oil for cleansed hair without washing and leaving no residue, It refreshes, cleanses & revives your hair. For healthy-looking, cleaned, light and free flowing hair.

Features and Benefits
-Advanced lightweight dry shampoo for all hair types.
-Instantly cleanses & revives, absorbs oil for cleansed hair, without washing.
-Leave hair light and free flowing, without residue.
-No need of water or rinsing, to use in between regular shampoos and conditioners."

I was completely disappointed with this product, I could not find anything good about it and it didn't work for my hair at all. When trying to think of who this would work for I was stumped.
I used one on 2nd day and the other on 3rd day hair to see when it works better and on both occasions it was a nightmare. 

I applied it at a good height and was disgusted to touch it as when I spray in dry shampoo, I use my fingers to rub it in and then brush it through. It was sticky and really wet which I wasn't expecting and I couldn't get my fingers or a brush through it. It bound my hair together and my roots were a thick greasy/sticky mess and I couldn't believe it. I will not be re-purchasing this again and I don't recommend it, if it's bound my thinner hair together then I'd dread to think how people with thicker hair would cope.

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. I had thIs exact same problem. I hated it. Did nothing for me, I stick to batiste from now on as I know it works! X

    1. Yeah I stick to Batiste and sometimes use Aussie which I really like but often find it doesn't create volume for long x


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