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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes // The August Review

I was researching makeup and product launches, when I stumbled across Makeup Revolution. This brand is available in Superdrug but unfortunately there isn't one local to me that stocks it so I ordered online. This post will be reviewing the eyeshadow palettes bearing in mind I ordered these with Halloween ideas in mind.

Girl Panic

From left to right, top to bottom the shadows are called: Panic On The Street, By Invitation, Going On To Somewhere, I Am Beaten, Voices In My Head, City Trap, Girlfriend, Chelsea Mayhem, Random, Going Nowhere, Get Closer, Demolition, Going Under, Let It Happen, Naked Through, Hypnotic, Mesmerised, Clever Words.

Product description says:
"GIRL PANIC! Certainly our PRETTIEST Salvation palette yet. 
Beautiful Pink Tones, through to Nude bases, Chocolate to Copper, with a couple of Silver & Smoked. Multiple looks, Multiple ways to look Amazing, Many ways to create Girl Panic!
Our Salvation palettes continue to offer Our Super Pigmented Formula, with the mixture of 12 Shimmer/Pearl and 6 Matte shades together in our gorgeous compact with full size mirror."

Run Boy Run

From left to right, top to bottom the shadows are called: Trying To Catch You, Running Is Victory, Sun Will Be Guiding You, Day Is A Prophecy, Another Day, It's Time To Run, World Is Not Meant For You, Hide Behind Me, Dying To Stop You, Break Out From Society, Don't Have To Hide Away, You Will Be My Boy, Follow Me, Head To The Hills, Run Boy Run, Girl On Fire, You Are Finally Mine, Head Start.

Product description says:

"Salvation is here! Why a Salvation? For the first time we have combined Shimmer and Matte Shades in a series of exciting Limited Edition Palettes with 18 shades of super high pay off Impact. These Palettes are in beautiful compact with large full size mirror for the first time in our series of palettes.Guys Better Run and Hide, Ultimate Power looks from this collection…we are in control. 12 shimmers and 6 Mattes inside with full length mirror." 

Ultimate Colour Chaos

From left to right, top to bottom the shadows are called: Gleam, WKD, Tom Tom, Pink Obsessed, On A Mission, Over Bored, Needed To..., Me Three, Do It Now..., Toxic Apple-Tini, Ammunition, Deliver Me, Super Y, My Demons, Tip X, I Said Go!, Beyond Real, Calm Me Down.

Product description says: 

"Our most explosive ‘Salvation’ Palette yet…meet COLOUR CHAOS. Containing our brightest and most impactful colour shades yet. Experiment & Go Create, with our super pigmented 18 shade palette containing both Matte and Shimmer Shades in a Professional Palette with full size mirror and applicator. Love the Shades - Break Rules - Cause Chaos!"

-The shades are all very pigmented.
-Really good price at £6 each and often on 3 for 2.
-Have an amazing range of colours.
-Different palette sizes so you can order ones more compact.
-Very sturdy.
-Comes with a mirror.

-Similar to the Sleek palette you need a primer so it lasts longer and prevents fallout of the shimmer shades.

I really like these palettes and I've started to fall in love with this brand. As stated above I ordered these palettes specifically for the colours as I've been trying out ideas for Halloween. Overall I think this brand is brilliant as a starting point for teenagers, its affordable, I haven't had any breakout problems and they do a lot of neutral shades. 
I am already placing another order!

As always, thanks for reading...

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