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Monday, 3 August 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner vs Paperchase Quilted Patent Planner// The August Review

To help me get more organised I did some research into finding a new planner that would be right for me. I ended up finding the Planner Community which consists of people sharing their ways of organisation and how they plan and decorate their planners, with this I found Erin Condren.
This company prioritises on planner productivity and personalising them for teachers and students with a whole lot of accessories avaliable to help. When I found this brand they were counting down to their new product launch of an 18 month planner starting from July 2015. So this gave me time to research and reflect on what I was previously using.

My previous planner I purchased from Paperchase. I was really excited for it to come but became disappointed as through regular use I found it wasn't the planner for me.

  • It's very sturdy; some planner covers flex easily and that can create damage to the pages.
  • I love the quilted design, it matched my bag really well and gave a professional finish.
  • It has an elastic and button closure which is great if you were going to bulk up the planner but without it was very loose and I ended up wrapping the elastic around twice. 
  • For maximum productivity having an overview calendar works, especially to circle personal important dates as with this you already have an important dates list.
  • The year view of the planer is great to write down appointments or birthdays I just found the space to small to begin to use. Especially on days where I have more then one birthday to remember.
  • There were many productive elements included in this planner like extra lined paper, grid paper and a place to store cards. 
  • I love the fact you can clip items in or out of this and keep it safe and secure.
  • I was very unsure why the lined paper was coloured, that didn't appeal to me at all.
  • One problem I had whilst using this planner is space. For example where I wrote "blog, blog, blog" I knew it meant I had three posts in the work to finish but I couldn't write anything specific or create a list in that small space.
  • The clip was a great idea but because you can fold the planner in half it was hard to write to the edge on the left side with the clip there.
  • I was very confused by the name/address section as there was no structure at all.
So I decided to take a chance and I ordered the Ready To Ship Life Planner from Erin Condren. It took two weeks for my order to be processed, printed (made), checked at quality control, shipped and delivered from the U.S which I think for all that isn't bad at all. 
I am absolutely in love with it and I have no con's about it at all and here's why...
When it arrived it was packaged beautifully and very well protected. I also love the fact that each ready to ship option came with some extras which I'll discuss later.
The front and back covers are laminated and has a good thickness to it without being heavy. I especially love that all covers for the life planner are interchangeable and you can purchase ones with different designs, your name on and/or your own picture. The little touches to this planner I feel go unnoticed a lot of the time, like the vellum overlay. Gorgeous design and is a great opening to the planner.
One of the unique qualities of an Erin Condren planner are their inspirational quotes that are at the front of the planner and printed on each page as you turn into a new month. Each quote really relates to the month and it gives that something extra to your productivity, like your making the most of each month.
Like most planners, Erin Condren comes with an overview of the year and bonus overview of next year. As you turn the quote page you get an overview of the month (center picture) which I really like. It gives me a chance to put down important appointments and is easier for me to have a quick look rather than rummage through pages until I find that right date.
There are two layout's to choose from, Vertical and Horizontal as you can see I chose the vertical layout as it really works for me. Along the top I put my to do list and that's mainly chore based. The middle row I dub my "little things" box where I put plans, appointments, birthdays and anything that doesn't fit in either other row. The last row is my blogging box where I either write a to do list, jot down an idea I've had or anything to do with the blog and social media. I find this layout a lot easier to use than horizontal ones I've used before and because of the large coil I can easily fold the planner in half and write along the right side.
It doesn't look like a lot of space and if I wanted to add a shopping list, at the end of each month there is a lined piece of paper to do that.
But if you wanted to make any general lists or jot down ideas outside the context of that month then the planner comes with sheets of lined, graph and plain paper.
If stickers are your thing when it comes to organising and planning this planner comes with an array of different schedule ones or blank for your own purpose. I especially love the vote sticker! When ordering the ready to ship option you get some goodies in this brilliant plastic wallet at the back of the planner. I love having that wallet, I put all appointment cards in there before transferring them into the planner and it's great to keep occasion cards in.
The extras I got with the ready to ship option are in the first and third picture with the center picture being accessories I added. As previously mentioned Erin Condren is all about personal productivity and its really sweet that the ready to ship includes a voucher to get a personalised cover as well as a sheet of date dots, an inspirational quote sticker and little "just because" cards. When ordering I decided to look through other accessories and products and I brought some elastic bands to keep the planner together and a Wellness Journal.
Now the Wellness Journal is primarily targeted at weight loss/gain. I decided to purchase this to keep up my water intake, track what I am eating to see if anything is upsetting my colitis and how much exercise I am doing. Now I haven't started using this just yet I decided to wait until September when I am on the new medication as weight gain can be a side effect but I've seen so many people use this well to their personal goal.

Overall this planner works for me as it's a good size, gives me a lot of writing space, a way to split up my day how I want and a reason to keep organised. I would 100% recommend this product for people who Blog or create YouTube content as well as Teachers, Students and Business Owners.

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. Wow that planner was amazing! 2016 has to be one of the most unorganised years for me so I'm trying desperately to get myself in check.

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

    1. The new Erin Condren releases on the 1st of June, put plan with me into YouTube and a lot of people shows the pros and cons of the various styles and how they plan, you can even get the cutest stickers and washi tape to decorate them with! xxx


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