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Monday, 30 March 2015

Simple Skincare // 30 Day Challenge

With all the medication I take for the Colitis and the weather becoming warmer, my skincare routine isn't giving me the same results and I've been breaking out across my cheeks and along the jaw.

After 30 days I am hoping my skin will have cleared up, otherwise I will be moving onto something else. I would love to know if you use Simple or what your experience with it is/was. 

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. I use some simple products! I'm not a fan of their moisturising face wash as I have oily skin, and I also don't like their night cream as I feel it's too thick for me. But I like the toner and the spotless skin face wash :) xx


    1. I quite like the texture of the night cream, kind of like rice pudding! x


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