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Monday, 30 March 2015

With all the medication I take for the Colitis and the weather becoming warmer, my skincare routine isn't giving me the same results and I've been breaking out across my cheeks and along the jaw.

After 30 days I am hoping my skin will have cleared up, otherwise I will be moving onto something else. I would love to know if you use Simple or what your experience with it is/was. 

As always, thanks for reading...

Saturday, 21 March 2015
If you didn't know The Body Shop has its own Skincare Diagnostic Tool and although I am a little apprehensive about online things like that I decided to give it a go and found that I shouldn't of been using the Tea Tree Range at all but I was spot on with using the Aloe Day & Night Cream.
I decided to use two products it suggested; one which is an everyday skincare item and the other a couple of times a week product.
The everyday item is the Seaweed Clarifying Toner. The product description says;

"This alcohol-free refreshing and purifying toner helps to re-balance combination skin.
Removes traces of cleanser, make-up and impurities.
Purifies, refreshes and prepares skin for moisturiser."

If I hadn't used the diagnostic tool I wouldn't of picked up this product because I have combination skin that is quite temperamental and products targeted to re-balancing combination skin don't usually work for me. I did see some subtle changes with this albeit they didn't last long.
After using this product everyday for two weeks I found my under eye area was less oily and I wasn't getting as many blackheads. However, with consistent use I did find that the skin on my nose was starting to go dry and flake, there were spots on my forehead and along the jaw and the redness on my face was coming out more after use. 

If you use seaweed products or that products like this work for you I would suggest giving it a go yourself but for me it won't be something I repurchase.

On the other hand this product has been really good for my pores. This is the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask for combination/oily skin. The product description says:

"This revitalising clay mask cleanses skin and controls excess oil.

Draws out impurities and is clarifying and refreshing."

I love this as a pamper product. I started using it once a week and then changed to two. It feels like you've had a vigorous facial scrub and leaves a clean, matte face. I will warn that a little goes a long way and to only use a thin layer.
I think the reason this works better for me in comparison to the toner is because it's a product to use sparingly.
This is the Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak. The product description says:

"This revitalising foot soak contains effervescent salts. It quickly cool and refresh tired feet and helps to combat odour"

I wanted to start looking after my feet a little more and get them looking nice for spring/summer. This is the first of three steps and I like to do this two to three times a week. After using this the skin on my heels is starting to feel smoother and appear less flaky. Already re-ordered this product and would 100% recommend it.The only negative I will say is the packaging, the product has the same texture as bath salts and having a twist lid container will sometimes make it difficult to open and close.

After I have soaked my feet I like to use the Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub. The product description says:
"Prepare to bare! Intensely exfoliating volcanic rock granules help to slough away rough patches of hardened skin to leave feet femininely soft, smooth and freshly fragrant. Perfectly prepared for those strappy summer sandals!" 

This has a really gritty texture and it doesn't take a lot for it to start buffing away the flaky skin. I found this to be really effective after 2-3 uses. When I first used this it didn't seem to have done anything but with continuous use my feet feel softer and smoother.

To help with these steps I like to use the File a Foot.
" This double-sided foot file effectively buffs away hard skin on soles and heels."

I like to use this after my feet have dried from the soak and scrub as an extra go over. Sometimes I will use it before but I've found it's not as effective on the heels of my feet because the skin is too hard.

I would recommend this over one of the electric powered buffing tools because you are able to position it at better angles along the soles of the feet.

I'm really liking The Body Shop and right now there is a big up to 50% off sale online and in stores!

As always, thanks for reading...

Friday, 13 March 2015
Text FUNNY to 70011 to donate £1 to Comic Relief!
Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What Is It?

Comic Relief is a British charity that raises money for people in poverty across Africa and the UK. Since it was established in 1985 there have been hundreds of charities that have benefited in which thousands of children have received clothing, food, education and most importantly health care / vaccinations.

When Is It?

On Friday 13th March live on BBC One the televisation of the fundraising will begin and be host to loads of sketches, music acts, performances and looking at the efforts of those raising money.

What Does The Money Do?

£10 could buy a school uniform for a child living on the streets of Ghana.
£15 could pay for 6 people in the UK with dementia to take part in a therapeutic workshop, to enhance their self-confidence and communication skills.
£20 could fully vaccinate five children in Malawi against a deadly virus that causes diarrhea and kills more than 600 African children every day.
£50 will pay for replacement care for a young carer in the UK, so they can sit their exams without worrying about their loved one.
£60 could buy a set of crutches for a child with a disability in Zambia, so they can get to and from school.  
£100 could enable three women who survived domestic abuse in Uganda to start their own small business, so they can provide for their children.

Other Ways To Show Support

Wear one of the t-shirts or onesie that can be found at TK Maxx or on the official Red Nose Day website.

Pick up a pair of deeley boppers, a wristband or a mug from Sainsbury's.

You can also pick up weekly shopping items that support Red Nose Day like Malteasers, Persil, PG Tips, or Weetabix.

If you don't want to make your face funny for money, how about your hair? Can pick up a can of red hairspray from Claire's or wear the Rimmel London Red Nose Red Lipstick

How Do I Donate?

Online : https://www.rednoseday.com/donate

Telephone : 03457 910 910

Post a cheque to : Red Nose Day 2015
                              Ernst & Young
                              PO Box 51543
                              SE1 2UG

At the Bank : Just ask for a Red Nose Day Giro Slip.

At the Post Office : Pay money into the Red Nose Day Account which is "FreePay Account 5550".

By Text : £1 - FUNNY to 70011

               £1 - BEARD to 70011
               £3 - PERSIL to 70703

               £3 - HELP to 70703
               £3 - RED to 70703

               £3 - GIVE to 70703
               £3 - BEARD to 70703
               £5 - FIVE to 70510
               £5 - BAKE to 70005
               £5 - RADIO to 70005
               £5 - DERMOT to 70005
               £5 - DANCE to 70005
               £5 - SONG to 70005

               £5 - DARTS to 70005
               £10 - TEN to 70010
               £10 - YES to 70010

How Can I Raise Awareness?

The main thing I wanted to express in doing this post is that raising money is important but so is raising awareness.
Social Media makes it easier to see what is happening, the efforts of people involved and where the money is going. It also makes it easier to make something go viral, we've seen it happen with the Ice Bucket Challenge and the No Makeup Selfie's.

This year, make your face funny for money and take a selfie.
Upload it to every social media you have with the message
"text FUNNY to 70011 to donate £1"
Use the hashtag #RND15 and Donate.

Not only will we raise money and awareness for the amazing charities funded by Red Nose Day but we'll be positive with Social Media.

As always, thanks for reading...

Sunday, 8 March 2015
Mother's Day is just a week away here in the UK so if you're still after something for your mum then hopefully this will help.

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