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Friday, 6 February 2015

DIY Valentines Ideas From Pinterest // Valentines With Hannah

I love trolling through Pinterest and I found some lovely ideas for Valentines that are D.I.Y. I thought these would be perfect for someone who wanted to be crafty this year or give something that can be personalised to their partners taste or reflect a shared memory.

Bunches Of Balloons

This is perfect for the partner that can't have chocolate and/or flowers. There's a whole range you can get but the latex heart shaped ones are my favourite because they are a lot brighter. Bearing in mind that latex balloons only last the day, if you decide to do this as a gift make sure you call ahead and book an order to collect on Valentines Day.
Not only can you give these as a gift, but you can attach notes, memories or photo's to the end of the ribbon and hang them around the house or bedroom as something lovely to wake up to / come home to.
Or attach them to a tray as an extra bonus for Breakfast In Bed! ^.^

Printable Ideas

Not only a lovely idea for your partner but also for your friends. When I was in my teens every Valentines I'd have friends round for a girls night. I think these are great treats to personalise for a night like that. Click here to get the printables!

DIY String Heart

For those crafty people that have some skills then I think this may be an idea you'll want to consider. It's pretty self explanatory but you can get more in depth instructions here. This would be perfect if you and your valentine are in the process of moving in together or are celebrating your first Valentines in a new home.

DIY Fortune Cookies

If you or your partner is working this valentines day I think these make an extra special gift to put in their lunch for that day. You can make edible ones and there is a tutorial here; but I do prefer these paper ones. How to make them here.

Handmade Valentines Basket

There are so many ones you can put together! I love this one from A Little Tipsy that I found on Pinterest. 
You have so many options here and there even more on YouTube. I think these are a fantastic as they are simple, effective and you can even pack a small picnic and make a date of it!

As always, thanks for reading...

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