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Monday, 15 December 2014

Our Christmas Traditions & D.I.Y Bauble Idea // Holidays With Hannah

Day 15 of my Holidays With Hannah Series!
In this post I will be sharing some Christmas Traditions that I've shared with my family over the years.

Two Christmas Trees

As my Brother and I grew up, we had our own Christmas Tree that we placed in the Dining Room or Hallway. It was a floor standing one that we decorated with paper chains and Ornaments made at School or home. This went on until I was 12 and it's such a creative idea that my Mum had. It also meant that my Mum could decorate our proper tree as most Mum's will probably tell you; it has to be done right. 

Sweet Table

Something that my Grandma start with my Mum, Auntie and Uncles is a sweet table. We always used the sideboard and we place bowls of fruit and nuts across the center, place boxes or tins of chocolate and sweets along the back and then fill the gaps with more!
Here's what ours looked like last year:

Christmas Eve Cinema & Takeaway

As mentioned in my Christmas Eve Box post; growing up my Dad would take my Brother and I to the cinema on Christmas Eve which often ended in us getting takeaway on the way home. With us now all working, we don't get chance to go to the cinema anymore but we do grab a takeaway still!

Muppets Christmas Carol

This is something my Mum does with my Brother and I. Over Christmas whether it'd be Christmas Eve, Day or Boxing Day we will sit and veg on the sofa and watch A Muppets Christmas Carol. We all love that movie in our house so over the years it just became a tradition.

D.I.Y Baubles

In my family I was one of the youngest among my cousins and as I started to get older they
started to settle down and have children, I now have wonderful godchildren and cousins. 
In most families you have those that you buy for and those that you don't because unfortunately you don't see them as often as you'd like.
For the ones I buy for, I started my own Christmas Tradition; every year they get a Christmas Ornament and as they get older they'll have enough to start off their own Christmas Tree. 
This year I decided to make them and if you'd like to do this you'll need: A create your own photo ornament, images of your choice and a printer.

I picked these ornaments up last year from Morrisons when they were in the after Christmas sale.

I have Two Frozen fans, one Liam Payne fan, one 101 Dalmatians fan and a Batman Fan; these are the images I used:
Using PicMonkey, I was able to resize them and round the edges of the image to make them easier to cut. The I printed them on photo paper; making sure I changed the paper preference in settings so they came out at the best available quality.
I then cut them out and placed them in the baubles. 
This is how they turned out:

Sorry about the photo quality; still getting the hang of my camera!

As always, thanks for reading...

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