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Monday, 1 December 2014

Decorating For Christmas 2014 // Holidays With Hannah

This year I am going to be putting up a new post every day up to Christmas Eve. There will be Gift Guides, Decoration Ideas, Makeup Looks & I will be sharing some of my own Christmas Traditions, Wrapping Ideas & Anything Christmassy I've been up to.
To start off this years Holidays With Hannah I will be showing my room decorations & share some other ideas I have seen on YouTube or Pinterest.
The Bedding & Curtains are from Catherine Lansfield and the Throw is from Dunelm.


Last year I saw a front door wreath display shaped like a Snowman on Pinterest and I thought it was that adorable I had to recreate it.I bought 3 green wreaths of different sizes from Hobbycraft and tied them together with wire. Just a note: I would suggest looping the wire through and pulling like you would tie your laces before twisting what's left together and either cutting off the excess or wrapping it around again.When I tried to place a Top Hat on my Snowman it wouldn't sit right and I don't have the artistic ability to make a wreath one like in the picture. Instead I dug out a grey scarf I have and wrapped it around.I really liked how it turned out to that point so I didn't add anything extra to it. I have seen some other versions of this idea and you can wrap lights around it stand out more. I would suggest battery lights for this because it saves having to place it near a plug and having an exposed wire.

Window Of Baubles

Another idea I saw on Pinterest was Baubles in the Window.

I accumulated a lot of the decorations from B&M's, Poundland, The Range, Tesco and Asda over the years; so I am unsure which came from where.

Instead of using pins or blu-tack I used Clear Command Decoration Strips. If you need to hang any decorations I 100% recommend these, they look invisible, stick to most surfaces and don't leave any residue or marks behind.

Using silver ribbon, I hung these up at various height and one I was happy they were double knotted and and excess ribbon was cut.
I was extremely happy with how this turned out!

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. I absolutely love your Christmas decorations, especially the fairy lights and ornaments in your window. I can't wait until I have my own apartment and can decorate it for Christmas.

    Katie Petty

    1. Thank you! ^.^ There are so many great ideas on Pinterest :)
      && I think ahead to when I have my own place and family to decorate with!
      Christmas=Family <3

      Hannah Marie x

  2. I love the bedding! The throw looks sooo soooft. x


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