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Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide // Teenagers & Siblings // Holidays With Hannah

Day Five of my Holidays With Hannah Series
This is a Teenagers/Siblings Gift Guide post. I thought I'd combine the two as when it comes to your teenage years, you start to chose or buy presents for your friends and sibling(s), something that I still find difficult.

As a disclaimer; I have posted links with an idea to where you can get the item(s) but it's not because that's the best price or that I'm being sponsored. I wanted to reflect all different retailers so randomly choose an item from one place, one from another and so on. Please remember prices are subjective to change which is why I haven't included them.
I would love to know what you are getting up to this Christmas, if you've brought anything you've seen on here, excited to share present, makeup or decoration ideas or anything Christmassy! So message me on Twitter or Instagram; @HannahMBrankley or use the hashtag #HolidaysWithHannah.

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