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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Children's Christmas Activities // Holidays With Hannah

Day 14 of my Holidays With Hannah Series!
This post if filled with Christmas Craft Ideas / Activities to do over the festive season!

Cardboard Tree

I found this idea on Pinterest; basically you get some big cardboard boxes or even some thick cardboard sheets and trace out two trees with bases. You cut up the middle of both and slide them together so it looks something like this:
Click Here for more in depth Instructions and a template!

What I love most about this project is that the Children can decorate it however they like. If they want to paint it pink, cellotape tinsel to it or even add pictures of bands they like it makes a lovely project and memories.

Handmade Ornaments

There are an array of ways to do this and these are some of my favourites!
Using pieces of Felt, cut out Christmas themed characters or objects. Then stitch or glue them together leaving a small gap to stuff them before sealing them completely.
Another way to incorporate felt is to cut out ring shapes and stick buttons on them to make wreath styled ornaments.
Finally; the last one I think ends up looking lovely is glitter baubles. Buy a pack of plain, clear baubles making sure they have a screw top.
Unscrew the top and poor in some glue; I believe it's best to use Mod Podge for this. Swirl the glue around the bauble, draining any extra. Then before it dries; add the glitter and you can use one, two or as many colours as you like.

Frozen Silly Putty

It's no secret that Frozen has become one of the biggest crazes this year and what better way than incorporating it into your Christmas Crafts.
I found this recipe on Paging Fun Mums Website and think its just ingenious. Not only could you make your frozen fans something fun and different but you can change the colour to green and make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles version.

Colouring Printables

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