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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Scar // The Lion King // Halloween With Hannah

I freaking love Halloween! I love to see how creative people get with costumes, makeup and baking. Last year due to being unwell and other commitments I was unable to post anything Halloween on this blog. This year I have a couple of looks and a trick or treat idea for you and calling it...
This post is going to be a walk-through of how I ended up looking like Scar from The Lion King. 
Before starting I used a template I found online to practice the outline and proportions  before doing it on myself.

What you'll need:

-Black Face Paint
-Brown Face Paint
-White Face Paint
-Purple Face Paint
-Red Face Paint - For all face paints I used Snazaroo. Brilliant brand; they are water activated paints you can put straight onto the skin. 
-White & Black Eyeliners
-Brushes - I used a mix of paint and nail brushes (whichever works for you)
-Cotton Buds
-Glass Of Water
-Hair Band/Clip

-Green Contact Lenses (Optional)
-Black Wig & Wig Cap (Optional)
-Personally I wouldn't suggest putting on a primer as I've found the paints work better without but if you are using another brand or paints that aren't as pigmented then do a test run beforehand. 

Step 1

If you have opted to use contact lenses then put them in first. Please make sure you are doing this correctly and you've done research beforehand.
Using a white eyeliner, outline all the features; mainly the eyebrows, scar, mane and nose.
Make sure you don't press down too hard because the white can make the paint color lighter and the lines can end up standing out more than intended.

Step 2

Starting with the eye area, tight line with the Black eyeliner; if your eyes start watering wait a few minutes and then line your bottom lash line.
With the purple face paint fill in the circles outlined from the brow down, bearing in mind, the scar on the right eye. I used a small angled nail brush for this and remember each area doesn't have to be exact.

Step 3

Whilst that dries (which doesn't take too long) start filling in the base of the face with the brown face paint. This includes the top of the nose, forehead and high point of the cheekbones. You may need to do a few layers to get the desired colour and cover but wait for each layer to dry before applying another. At this point a sponge would be better as you don't end up with streaks.

Step 4

Taking the white face paint start to fill from the nose to chin. The white face paint will need to be layered to get that pigmentation. I found it was best to use a brush to apply the paint and then to blend it out with a sponge.

Step 5

Take the red and white paint and mix them together to get a light pink colour to fill in the scar. You can buy another face paint in pink, but I could only fine ones more towards being a barbie pink which wouldn't of suited.

Step 6

Take a look over what you've done so far and see if any areas need touching up. Then take the black face paint and start applying! Black face paint can be corrected if needed but it is harder to cover up. I used the angled brush again as it was easier to be more precise around the nose and creating the mane. When that's dry clear anything up, add your wig (optional) and you are done!
Here's how it turned out:

I would love to know whether you've re-created the Looks/Ideas I post or something that you'd like to share. So please tweet me or use the Hashtag #HalloweenWithHannah on Twitter & Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading...

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