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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Clown // Halloween With Hannah

In this walk-through I will be telling you how I achieved a clown look for Halloween. 
I didn't use a template with this one, I kind of winged it.
I did use a red curly wig and red nose which were both brought off eBay.

What You'll Need:

-Light Blue Face Paint
-Dark Blue Face Paint - Can use any colour(s) you like though!
-White Face Paint
-Black Face Paint
-Red Face Paint - Again for all face paints I used Snazaroo
-White & Black Eyeliners
-Brushes - I used a mix of paint and nail brushes (whichever works for you)
-Cotton Buds - To clean up any mistakes
-Glass Of Water -To wash the brushes
-Hair Band/Clip - Whichever you prefer to keep your hair out the way

-Red Wig and Wig Cap(Optional)
-Red Clown Nose (Optional)
-Personally I wouldn't suggest putting on a primer as I've found the paints work better without but if you are using another brand or paints that aren't as pigmented then do a test run beforehand. 

Step 1

I decided to use a red clown wig and nose for this look, so I clipped all my hair back and put the wig cap on before I started applying anything.

Step 2

Using a white eyeliner, start marking out the mouth, teeth and diamond shapes. Take your time with this because the mouth was a little tricky; I did Google image clowns to have a couple of pictures up for reference. 

Step 3

Using the white face paint start to cover the base of your face. You will need to layer this to get the pigmentation and to let it dry before layering. There is a clown white face base you can get from Snazaroo and other face paint companies but as I had a white face paint I just used that.

Step 4

Starting with the eyes; run the black eyeliner over your water line and upper lash line. Then with the dark and light blue face paints (or whichever colour(s) you've chosen) start filling in the diamond shapes. 
I was originally going to do them the same colour and a lot smaller but decided on two colours and ended up making them over-sized as it just fitted the look. I used a long bristle paint brush for this to create cleaner points.

Step 5

Whilst they dry; move onto the mouth. I started by filling in the black bit first which later led to me trying to cover up mistakes and using a lot of cotton buds. I would suggest starting with the red face paint first and waiting for it to dry. I used a nail brush because it allowed me to be a lot more precise. 

Step 6

When that has dried move onto filling in the teeth and black back of the mouth. I again used the nail brush to be more precise but I actually puckered my lips to really get into it and bring it into the inside of the lip more. 

Step 7

Touch up any sections that you need to, if you're not using a red nose the go ahead and paint one on, otherwise add the wig and red nose and you are finished!

I would love to know whether you've re-created the Looks/Ideas I post or something that you'd like to share. So please tweet me or use the Hashtag #HalloweenWithHannah on Twitter & Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. This is kind of terrifying hahah, I hate clowns! Such a great Halloween look though, would be amazing for a party or trick or treating!

    Alexandra ♡

    1. Haha I got to scare my cousin with this! && Thank you ^.^

      Hannah Marie x

  2. Oh wow, what a great Halloween look. I love all of the colors!


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