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Friday, 26 September 2014

Skincare Product Reviews // September 2014

With the British weather being so up and down over the last few months, it's really taken a toll on my skin. When ordering the Body Shop BB Cream (because everyone raved about it and I wanted in) I picked up a some skincare items and then brought a couple more when in the supermarket. I never usually buy so many skincare products at once, I like to try things bit by bit, but was very surprised with the results of some of these!

Starting with the supermarket items...I had read so many blog posts on how amazing the Bioderma Micellar Water is and I did want to try it but heard even more amazing things about it's dupe.
This is the Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water and it's basically an alternative to cleansing wipes. 

The product description says:
"A super efficient and gentle way to cleanse, remove makeup, soothe the feel of skin and hydrate in just one step - it's not magic, it's Garnier Micellar!
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water contains micelles which cat like magnets, gently lifting away makeup and impurities from the skin, without the need to rub or rinse. The result? Beautifully cleansed and refreshed feeling skin in an instant."
Honestly, this product makes my skin feel smoother, cleaner and more hydrated.
The downside? I find it so difficult to use this around my eye area and I feel I never get the eye products I have on off. 9 times out of 10 I still go in with a cleansing wipe.
It may be because I tight-line or the brand of products I'm using but even when I apply this product onto a cotton bud, it still ends up being there.

Rating this is a tough one for me because I do use it and I do think it's cleaner than using a wipe but Garnier just seem to be falling short for me. I didn't like their new Shampoo and Conditioner (reviewed in my last blog post) and I had problems a few years ago with the hair dye range.
If you wear a lot of base makeup or like to dramatically contour then I would 100% suggest this but if you are more of a eye makeup person I'd suggest to try it first, ask if they have a tester at the drugstore and see if it works for you.
I pretty much adore this next product. When I started to need facial products for blackheads, spots...etc I started with the Nivea Young range. Although I moved onto other brands I still like to pick up the odd skincare item every now and then. This is the Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream. I brought the dry to sensitive skin as it was very hot in the UK at the time and I was really feeling it. After using a facial wash and toner I love to follow up with this because it is as soothing as it says.
The product description says:
"Nivea Visage Pure & natural Soothing Day Cream for beautiful looking skin.
What the cream does:
-Gives Natural soft, smooth skin
-Provides intensive 24h soothing moisture
-Enriches skins natural healthy glow
The formula works by combining natural ingredients like Chamomile and Argan Oil, which are both organically grown. 
It has no parabens, no silicones , no colourants and no mineral oils. It has natural moisturisers for skin hydration and nourishment. 
Suitable for sensitive skin, Skin compatibility, dermatologically approved."
I definitely agree with most of the description although I still can't solidify that it lasts for 24h. If you are looking for a moisturiser that isn't too heavy or thick in consistency then this will be perfect for you.

Moving onto items from The Body Shop!

This is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser. The product description says:
"A refreshing instant foaming cleanser for blemished skin.
-Gently but effectively cleanses skin
-Removes makeup and impurities
-Regular cleansing will help keep skin blemish-free."
I was very surprised by this product as I thought it just foamed when you rub it into the skin, but it actually comes out as foam. I have never used a cleanser like this and learned after the first application a little goes a long way!
It is very gentle, smells lovely and I have noticed there's less redness to my skin but I will disagree that it removes makeup. I still follow up with the Garnier Micellar Water or a Johnson Makeup wipe to remove the makeup left.
This isn't an abrasive cleanser but when I rinse it off I do find it tightens the skin quite quickly so following up with toner and moisturiser needs to be done fast. I am on the fence on whether I'd buy this again, it's refreshing and I do see results but I do prefer other facial washes over this one.

This is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. The product description says:
"This refreshing toner for blemished skin gives a beautifully matte, shine-free finish.

-Removes traces of makeup, cleanser and impurities

-Mattifying powders leave skin shine-free

-Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin."

This smells incredible and again is a little goes a long way product. I've had this since the beginning of September and have only just reached the top of the label! It's very refreshing and it creates a lovely smooth canvas for the moisturiser. I really rate this and it is something I would repurchase.
The Body Shop has such a wide range of skin care items, I was drawn to the Tea Tree range but I also wanted to try the Aloe range so I brought a day and night cream.
This is the Aloe Soothing Day Cream and it's one of their best sellers.
The product description says:

"This dermatologically tested daily moisturiser hydrates skin that needs more gentle care.
-Gentle hydration
-Leaves skin soft and smooth
-Fragrance, colour and alcohol free
-No added preservatives."
This has such a lovely consistency, it's not greasy or too heavy and it has such a good coverage. I can see why it's a bestseller as I have already re-purchased this. When I am having a good skin day I use this because as it says it has gentle hydration. I like the fact it doesn't overcompensate on that because it leaves my skin feeling less dewy.

Moving on, this is the Aloe Soothing Night Cream. 

The product description says:
"This rich, dermatologically tested night cream hydrates skin that needs more gentle care.
-Fragrance, colour and alcohol free
-No added preservatives"

This again works well and is very soothing but the consistency with the gradual hydration makes it feel a bit heavy on the skin. It is a thicker moisturiser so it takes a while to set into the skin and as a night moisturiser it is off putting when I want to lay down and sleep. I don't think I'll be re-purchasing this one.

This is the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil
The product description says:
"Wake up to beautiful skin with new Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, a technical innovation combining the power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight.
-8h beauty sleep for your skin
-Skin feels recharged, replenished and softer
-Skin looks fresher,rested and more radiant
-Our highest concentration of wheatgerm oil
-Non-greasy, fast absorbing formula."

This is my favoruite product from The Body Shop at the moment. I have been using this around 3 to 4 times a week at night and it does everything the description says. I wake up more radiant, softer and relaxed. The formula is as it says non-greasy and fast absorbing but the application is brilliant as well. When you unscrew the top there's a lovely glass pipette so you can squeeze it drop by drop either onto your fingers or straight onto your face. I absolutely love this and definitely recommend it!

What do you think? Would you try any of these products?

As always, thanks for reading...

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