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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Top Ten Teenage Crushes // Tag

One of my favourite Youtubers Noodlerella, did a video on her Top Ten Anime Character Crushes and more recently a video on her Top Ten Childhood Heartthrobs.
I had a think back to my childhood crushes and I thought this would make a fun blog post!
Starting at Number Ten I am going to list off who they are, where I first saw them and what I think looking back. T
hese are my Top Ten Teenage Crushes!

Number 10: 

Who: David Gallagher
First Seen: In a movie called Little Secrets which also starred Evan Rachel Wood and Michael Angarano. He played the bad boy that gets expelled from tennis camp and ends up with the girl at the end.
What I Think Looking Back: I always loved the bad guy turns good thing in TV, Movies and Books. It was no wonder I had a crush but looking back I just think, look at the brows!

Number 9:
Who: Leonardo DiCaprio
First Seen: Romeo & Juliet. He plays Romeo, if you have never read the play or seen the film, where have you been?!
What I Think Looking Back: I think everyone had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio when I was in my teens, either as himself, Romeo or Jack in Titanic. Again he's blonde with bright eyes which is strange because I never would have said I had a type looking back.

Number 8:
Who: Christian Ingebrigtsen
First Seen: He is a member of British band A1. I actually got into these through cousins and I saw Christian on a poster in one of my cousin's room and just instantly had a crush. Then when I heard him sing I had my first ever fan girl moment.
What I Think Looking Back: Everyone had a favourite band and a favourite member, but my friend pointed out the other day how funny that the ones I liked; Christian from A1, Jon from S Club 7 and H from Steps were all blonde and bright eyed. 

Number 7:

Who: Erik Von Detten
First Seen: As Josh in The Princess Diaries.
What I Think Looking Back: Another blonde, bright eyed guy...I remember that I liked the fact he was cool and had a cool vibe. A couple of years ago I was watching one of my favourite TV Shows Bones where he played a jock and I remember thinking oh my gosh he hasn't changed!

Number 6:
Who: Jesse McCartney
First Seen: In the TV series Summerland, he played Bradin, who was another "troubled" character. 
What I Think Looking Back: I think this was one of the first TV series where I experienced feels which I think added to my crush on him. Then I heard Beautiful Soul and was like he can sing! which made me crush even more.

Number 5:

Who: Chad Michael Murray
First Seen: In the movie Freaky Friday, played Jake a character who was very similar to previous ones I crushed on.
What I Think Looking Back: I still find Chad Michael Murray attractive but I remember fancying him more after watching The Cinderella Story. I think it's because he has such a good smolder.

Number 4:

Who: Channing Tatum
First Seen: In Coach Carter (If you haven't seen that movie, do, it's brilliant!)
What I Think Looking Back: I will actually give myself a round of applause mainly because he broke the type I had going on. He is good looking, comes across as a really nice guy and is really talented. If you need any clarification on those points then watch Magic Mike ;)

Number 3:

Who: Danny Jones
First Seen: On a Saturday morning TV show performing in McFly.
What I Think Looking Back: I had different and disastrous phases in my teen years and I really liked the rocker/emo longer hair thing and Danny just fit that. Looking back, I had so many posters of McFly (mainly Danny) plastered on my walls it was ridiculous, I had it bad! 

Number 2:

Who: Orlando Bloom
First Seen: Playing Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings.
What I Think Looking Back: Orlando Bloom is absolutely gorgeous, but there was something about him as Will in Pirates Of The Caribbean that was swoon-worthy. As I got into my mid teen years, being a gentlemen made my heart beat. Adding the fact he was a hero was just really hot!

Number 1:

Who: Joe Jonas
First Seen: In the music video for S.O.S on YouTube
What I Think Looking Back: This guy was like it for me and admittedly he still is! Although I am still a McFly fan, at 16 I was such a Jonas Brothers girl. When watching Noodlerella's videos and putting all this together Joe Jonas was on my mind, instantly I thought would be my number one and it's so strange to see what I first found attractive to what I find attractive now.

So that's my Top Ten Teenage Crushes! If you decided to do this post I'd love to see! So post a link below! 

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. I loved Josh from The Princess Diaries as well haha, such a great list, it brings me right back to the 90s!

    Also thanks for posting the link to those videos; I'm a huge anime nerd so loved that one haha!

    Alexandra ♡


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