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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ulcerative Colitis Update // June 2014 // My IBD Journey

I am 1 of 146,000 people in the UK, living with Ulcerative Colitis. 

Diagnosed earlier this year, I shared my experience of discovering this. I received lovely messages from some of you and I want to carry on sharing this part of me in the hope it helps someone else.

Working Life

It has been difficult, but I have such amazing support in my job which makes it easier for me to talk to them about it all. I'm stilling building my confidence. When I work I want to deliver the best service possible, be positive and have lovely conversations. I often panic that my Ulcerative Colitis will disrupt my drive to deliver that. It is still early days of my getting it under control and with gaining confidence I hope my anxiety on the situation shrinks.


I'm now part of the IBD Clinic at my local hospital rather than solely under my GP. This is common practice and it means I have access to a team of IBD specialists. This has already been a benefit for me. I thought I was ok and just having some good and bad days but one of the nurses concluded I was having a flare up and needed to go back onto prednisolone. 


Having Ulcerative Colitis is still very new to me. It's been difficult coming to terms with what I can and can't eat but I've managed to make some huge steps forward. I would recommend keeping a food diary or a digital list of everything you should stay away from. I now have my own shelf with all the things I can eat. I also did some research into restaurant menus and some of the bigger companies do carry a gluten free or a "special diet" menu. I was able to go out and enjoy a meal at Frankie and Benny's with my family last week. It made me feel more normal and lessened the anxiety I now get with socialising. 

verall I am as healthy as I can be and very near to coming back off the steroids. I will be doing these posts now and again, I really hope that it helps someone.

Remember you're not alone with it all!

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. Well done you for dealing with it so well, once you get into the habit of not eating certain foods it should get easier. It's a shame there's no cure yet but all you can do is make the best of it and not let a medical condition take over your life. Work will get easier as well :)

    Efflorescent Dream


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