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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Magazine Inspiration // June 2014

I have been toying with the idea of whether or not a post or possibly posts like these would work... I buy a lot of fashion and beauty magazines every month that all talk about the upcoming trends. I get a lot of inspiration from this and it stays with me when I'm shopping for an occasion or just having a nose and I thought about putting it all into a bit of a chattier post every month.

Will start with this one and see how it goes?

This month there are two magazines I really love, Elle & Company. Elle has more of the high-end/designer side to the trends whilst Company have more of a high-street and online only clothing brands thing going on.
They both discuss three standout trends this month; Festival, The Clash & The Fresh Face.


The ultimate "I'm in the festival mood" usually involves a pair of shorts & wellies and every year the UK welcomes Download, T In The Park, Reading...etc and it is a great way to express yourself fashion and makeup wise. I love to look through the festival tags on instagram and twitter and recently I've seen a lot of kimonos, crop tops and floral headbands.

These trends fall into the bohemian, folk and rocker styles and usually on the high-street one brand will go with the one or two styles for their look books.

This is New Look's festival promotion; sporting a bohemian / rocker vibe...

Where as Forever 21 are more on the rocker / folk bandwagon...
And Topshop going along the folk trend.

I have mixed feelings on the festival trend as it is for that or for holiday. Some of the pieces I find too revealing and wouldn't wear around town or out shopping. This is where I feel brands like H&M or Primark don't style mannequins or piece items in lookbooks right and I just don't always find it appropriate for everyday wear, especially in the UK.

One of the biggest trendy items at the moment are jellied shoes.....I really do not like this trend. Personally adding a heel to them just takes it too far, I think they are a novelty item for the festivals or for holiday but pairing them with jeans or a jumpsuit when eating out at a restaurant...not really a fan.

Now I love the flower headband tend! I think it's perfect for summer, it can be dressed up or down and it isn't just for holiday or festivals. I feel like it's the perfect way to accessorize the fact summer = less makeup and can really enhance an outfit.

The Clash

This trend I saw more in Elle Magazine, It's called "The Clash" as it takes different patterned, coloured or fabric garments and piece them together. Elle reflected this throughout the whole magazine and I was very surprised on how some of the pieces actually worked. This is where I feel Elle has taken a trend which is more designer than high-street. I personally haven't seen any promotion or mannequin styling "The Clash" trend in the way the magazine does. I have seen some garments of bright colours being pieced together but usually in the "night out" or occasion section of the store.
These are some of my favoruite outfits from the magazine:

I really love this coat! In all honesty I don't know a lot about Fendi as a brand or a company but this piece makes me curious! At £2,860 I'm unfortunately going to have to let this one get away.  
I really love this wool and mohair skirt from Dior, I'm just really taken in by the pattern, especially as the patterned top it's paired with. Alas, this skirt has a hefty £2,600 price tag!

The Fresh Face

With these current fashion trends you barely see a lot of people wearing a full face of makeup, instead opting for a "fresh face". You can find so many tutorials for a look like this by putting "No Makeup Makeup Look" into YouTube, my favoruite two being Lauren Curtis & MakeupbyAmarie.


I really love this as a summer makeup look because if you go along with the trends, you are already adding a lot of colour and texture to your wardrobe, heavier makeup will counterbalance that.
In Elle & Company I saw some of the models with this Fresh Face Look but with a standout feature. For example; One model had no eye makeup but a very bold lip and another model had a very contoured face but nude lips and eye-shadow.

So this is just a little of what I have been loving from the magazines this month. I would really like to know what you think & whether you would enjoy reading a post like this every month.

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. I agree with you about holiday/festival trends, although I don't even think jelly shoes are good as a novelty for festivals either - in fact I would laugh in the face of anyone I saw at a festival wearing jelly shoes! (maybe I'm just mean, but still)
    Love the fresh face makeup trend though :) And clashing colours/patterns can look so good!

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. Haha they are everywhere though! && I love the clash! literally seen so many lovely pieces with such a huge price tag :( lol x


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