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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Fashion Problems Of A Tall Girl

The inspiration to write this post came from 32 Problems All Tall Girls Will Understand by Lara Parker. I agreed with all the problems but really identified with the clothing ones more, as when living in the UK, Tall Clothing is harder to obtain and Tall Fashion Clothing (on trend items) are particularly difficult to find and generally more expensive. By writing this, I'm hoping that people can reflect some insight into their solutions, talk of my own and one day see that Tall Clothing goes back into the high street.

To start with I am 5"10/11 which is classed as tall for my figure. I am long in the leg but also in the torso so finding jeans and dresses is particularly difficult. This has been a problem for me since secondary school and found that I couldn't always wear the same fashions as my friends. At that time I was always able to find clothing as shops like New Look, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins all had tall sections, but over the years they have been disappearing.

Two to Three years ago I went into New Look to find that the Tall Section was being taken out of stores but would still be available online. Online shopping isn't a major problem but it isn't brilliant as the website will give a general size guide of bust, waist and hips but for tall people these can vary. For example my waistline is high as I have a longer torso, so high-waisted jeans, even from the tall section won't always sit right. I have to take a chance on them and if they're not right it means I have to send them back, wait for another size, exchange for another item or maybe get a refund. That is a lot of hassle and I've found I won't always take the gamble on ordering online.

Whilst out shopping, I started to notice other shops doing the same. Where I live, I know of one shop that still caters for Tall Fashion and that's Topshop. But even so, the sections have been downsized to a pod of 4 rails or a small wall display and there's an obvious difference in price to regular or even the petite clothing compared to what it was when other stores stocked Tall.

Since all this started I started to dread clothes shopping because when items don't fit right it makes me body conscious and when I do find something...my poor bank account. So over time I have accepted what I can wear and where to shop so for all you tall girls, these are my tips.

1) Find a Tall Brand that you can rely on, for me it is Dorothy Perkins. After all the hassle of sending items to and from I now know what sizes I can order in and what clothing styles would suit best. Personally, I think the brand has more to offer across a spectrum of different styles and clothing situations. I can always rely on work and occasion wear whilst other brands may not constantly stock that.

2) When you find that brand sign up for the email newsletter for Sale notifications and sometimes the occasional discount code. Usually I will save up and wait for sales to stock up on jeans or t-shirts.

3) With brands that don't do a Tall Section, spend time getting to know their sizing. It's like bra shopping, you know that you'll never pick up the same size, different brands will have a signature way of producing clothing. I know that jeans in Dorothy Perkins will fit when I buy their long length in size 10 but in Next i'll pick up a long length size 12, sometimes a regular 14 if they are Skinny fit.

4) Dress shopping can be the worse, especially for a maxi dress! It may be worth a gamble with online shopping if the reviews are good but most of the time I will buy a tank top style maxi dress in the next size up. It is a little "baggier" but I've only brought them for throwing over a swimsuit anyways.

5) Invest in some gym shorts. When dress shopping you find that it isn't short because there's not much material on the bottom half but that the waistline will sit a lot higher. Again I sometimes buy the next size up with simple dresses although I will still always wear a pair of small black shorts underneath. Not only are they there in case of a windy day, but I find they can stop the dress riding up when seated. 

6) Show off your legs by wearing your heels proudly. A huge myth is that women can't get away with wearing heels. Bugger off! When I go on a night out with my friends the heels go on. I know some women aren't comfortable with them but don't be afraid to try lower heels or wedges instead.

7) Long sleeved items are tricky so a tall brand is usually the way to go. If there is an item you love, like a jumper, going up a size may fit in the arm length but be quite baggy. I usually would go up a size and pair it with skinny jeans to emphasis my figure.

8) Some clothing sites have online helpers, so don't be afraid to ask them for the measurements of a specific sized garment so you can get an idea of what to order. For websites that don't offer an online helper there are customer service numbers and emails you can contact.

So there are a couple of my tips/tricks but us Tall girls shouldn't have to have these. We should be able to walk into a shop and buy clothing to fit us. Hopefully the high street brands will get the message!
I know that sometimes being taller can have an emotional and body conscious effect, especially on young girls going into their teenage years. I would like to direct you to www.tall-girl-problems.tumblr.com they have an amazing community of girls and women going through or that have 
been through the same problems. 

If you liked this post i may do something similar in the future.

As always, thanks for reading...

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